Westinghouse To Advance Micro-Reactors Deployment In North America

Westinghouse Electric Company (ENS Corporate Member) is signing several Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with North American research centres and universities to advance micro-reactors deployment in Canada and USA.


Westinghouse and the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) will jointly develop a project to locate an eVinci™ micro-reactor in Saskatchewan, Canada for the development and testing of industrial, research, and energy use applications.

We are proud to work with SRC to provide customized solutions to Saskatchewan’s clean energy needs with our eVinci micro-reactor technology. Building on decades of innovation, the eVinci micro-reactor brings carbon-free, transportable, safe and scalable energy, while creating jobs in local communities and advancing Canada’s Net Zero goals.

said Edouard Saab, President of Westinghouse Electric Canada.

The eVinci micro-reactor and surrounding infrastructure is approximately half the size of a hockey rink. It is classified as a micro-reactor capable of producing 5 MW of electricity, over 13 MW of high temperature heat, or operating in combined heat and power mode.

The eVinci micro-reactor nuclear battery provides power solutions at a different scale than centrally generated utility-scale power. It can support various applications including remote mining operations, remote communities, individual industrial heat and power scenarios, distributed hydrogen generation and integrated energy solutions.

Read the full Westinghouse Press Release and learn more about the eVinci micro-reactor.


Penn State and Westinghouse announced that they will partner on research and development efforts focused on exploring and applying nuclear engineering and science innovations to societal needs.

They will also begin discussions about siting Westinghouse’s eVinci™ micro-reactor to address sustainable power needs from immediate use in large communities to decentralized remote applications, at University Park.

The collaboration plans build on Penn State’s established nuclear capabilities — such as the Breazeale Nuclear Reactor, the nation’s longest continuously operating research reactor, as well as multi- and interdisciplinary experts in power conversion systems, thermal hydraulics, detection and safeguards, high-temperature nuclear materials, advanced manufacturing, nuclear energy policy, nuclear safety, social adoption of technology and more.

In addition to advancing the eVinci micro reactor for broad applications, the team plans to explore how the platform can contribute to displacing carbon-generating energy sources at Penn State.

Read the full Westinghouse Press Release.