Westinghouse To Decommission Norway’s Research Reactors

Westinghouse Electric Company (ENS Corporate Member) announced last week a major engineering contract with Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning (NND) to plan the decommissioning of the country’s two nuclear research reactors located in Halden and Kjeller.

The three-year agreement includes options up to six years and is valued up to $100 million (NOK 1 billion).

We will reimagine the sites as safe, thriving, and sustainable and ensure the decommissioning projects are completed efficiently and in a manner that returns them to green fields.

said Sam Shakir, President, Westinghouse Environmental Services.

Read the Westinghouse Press Release.

The Halden Reactor was a 25MW nuclear research reactor, operated by the Institute for Energy Technology (IFE) from 1958 to 2018.

The JEEP II was the research reactor located in Kjeller. Operating since 1967, it has been used by researchers nationally and internationally within physics, materials, cancer medicine and renewable energy, as well as nuclear disarmament.