Westinghouse eVinci MicroReactors Received Government Funds

Westinghouse (ENS Corporate Member) eVinci ™ Micro-Reactors received last week funding of CAN$27.2 million (€19.6 million) from the Government of Canada’s Strategic Innovation Fund (SIF), in order to boost the country’s zero-emissions efforts.

This investment will support funding for the eVinci™ micro-reactor which will bring carbon-free, transportable, safe, and scalable energy anywhere Canada requires reliable clean energy.

Westinghouse eVinci micro-reactor has been designed to bring clean energy to off-grid sites, remote communities and islands, decentralized generation, industrial sites, universities, hydrogen generation, and many other purposes.

The flexibility of a transportable eVinci reactor as a primary energy source, or in tandem with other sources such as renewables, will help to reduce Canada’s energy costs by limiting the need for permanent infrastructure.

Nuclear innovation becomes more and more important in strongly supporting the decarbonisation and the mitigation of climate change.

Read the full Westinghouse Press Release.