Nuclear Power Plant Isar-1 in Essenbach/Isar, unit 1, boiling water reactor with an electric gross output of 912 MW, nuclear commissioning on 20th November 1977.

In 2011, Isar-1 was disconnected from the grid along with seven other nuclear power plants as part of Germany’s plans to phase out nuclear energy. After the Fukushima nuclear accident, it was announced that Isar-1 would be temporarily shut down on 15th March 2011 for safety checks. It was hoped to be able to resume normal operations after the three-month moratorium. Two days later, the Bavarian Environment Ministry announced that Isar-1 was completely shut down, so the nuclear power plant was taken off the grid.

The decommissioning and dismantling license for Isar-1 was granted in January 2017. It should last about 15 years.