Nuclear Power Plant Philippsburg/Rhine, unit 1, boiling water reactor with an electric gross output of 926 MW, nuclear commissioning on 9th March 1979, final shutdown on 17th March 2011. Lifetime electricity generation: 186.8 TWh.

In March 2014, EnBW presented its plans to create dismantling infrastructure at Philippsburg. Essentially, this plan involves the construction of a residue processing center and an on-site waste storage facility. The facilities are scheduled to be operational in 2020.

In April 2017, EnBW received approval from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment to decommission and dismantle Unit 1. The dismantling of the plant started in May 2017. The cooling tower was demolished early in the morning of 14th May 2020. In its current estimate, EnBW assumes that the dismantling of KKP-1 will last 10 to 15 years.