In 2013 about 355.000 persons in Germany were monitored with personal dosimeters. 79 % of them worked in the medical sector. The total annual dose of all persons monitored amounted to about 27,6 man-Sievert. The average annual dose of all persons monitored amounted to 0.08 mSv in 2013. For 88 % of the persons in the medical sector and 81% of persons in non-medical sector monitored, the values determined were below the smallest determinable dose (0.05 mSv per year). If an average value is calculated only for persons with an annual dose other than zero, an average annual personal dose of 0.52 mSv results for these 53 000 persons.

According to the German Radiation Protection Ordinance the radiation exposure of airline personnel due to the higher cosmic radiation exposure flying in high altitudes has to be calculated and registered. The total dose for these 40.300 persons amounted in 2013 to 78 Sv, the calculated average dose is 1,9 mSv.

Annual dose of monitored persons, Germany, 2012

Average annual dose to workers in different working areas, Germany, 2012