Urenco Annual Sustainability Report 2021 Is Available Online

Urenco (ENS Corporate Member since June 2022) published online its Annual Sustainability Report 2021 “Delivering for a net zero world”.

The company stresses its commitment to a greener and more sustainable future by furthering nuclear energy’s contribution, thanks also to the positive impact on global climate change goals of its integral role in the nuclear fuel cycle.

In 2021, Urenco became the first nuclear organisation to sign The Climate Pledge and one of the initial 100 organisations committing to achieve net zero emissions by 2040.

The company is currently setting out its Net Zero journey into a clear roadmap as part of its commitment to reduce its own emissions and those of its supply chain.

As Urenco CEO Boris Schucht said

Urenco is committed to maintaining our position as a trusted global industry leader; contributing to a sustainable net zero carbon future; operating safely and forming partnerships to deliver measurable positive impacts.

Here are some remarkable achievements for 2021. The company:

  • enriched enough uranium to generate an estimated 780,000 GWh of electricity from nuclear power, avoiding approximately 320 million tonnes of carbon emissions.
  • achieved reductions of 16% for direct and 9% for indirect carbon emissions compared with 2020
  • reduced its water withdrawal by 12% from 2020.
  • Approximately two million patient treatments were performed using medical radioisotopes produced from Urenco’s enriched stable isotopes products.
  • approved 9 new social investment partnerships.

Read the full Urenco Press Release for further highlights.

Urenco Annual Sustainability Report 2021 “Delivering for a net zero world” is available here.