Westinghouse eVinci™ Microreactor Begins Pre-Licensing Process

Westinghouse Electric Company (ENS Corporate Member) has signed a service agreement with the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission to bring its eVinci™ microreactor closer to commercialization.

The agreement initiates a Vendor Design Review (VDR) which is a pre-licensing technical assessment of the eVinci microreactor design. Westinghouse will execute both Phases 1 and 2 of the VDR as a combined program, signaling the eVinci microreactor’s design and technology maturity.

The eVinci micro-reactor and surrounding infrastructure are approximately half the size of a hockey rink. It is classified as a micro-reactor capable of producing 5 MW of electricity, over 13 MW of high temperature heat, or operating in combined heat and power mode.

The eVinci microreactor can support a wide variety of applications. These include electricity and heating for remote communities and islands, industrial sites, data centers, universities, defense facilities, marine propulsion, hydrogen generation and water purification.

The eVinci microreactor is 100 percent factory-built, fueled, and assembled before it is shipped in a container to any location.

Read the full Westinghouse Press Release.

Earlier this year, Westinghouse signed several Memorandums of Understanding with North American research centres and universities to advance micro-reactors deployment in Canada and USA.