Westinghouse Unveiled Its AP-300 SMR

Last 4th May, Westinghouse Electric Company (ENS Corporate Member) launched its newest nuclear technology, the AP300™ small modular reactor (SMR), a 300-MWe single-loop pressurized water reactor.

The AP300 SMR design is scaled from the AP1000® reactor and could be under construction at a cost of $1bn per unit by the end of the decade.

As the company said, the AP300 SMR is an ultra-compact, modular-constructed unit that leverages the innovation and operational knowledge of the global AP1000 fleet.

It will utilise identical AP1000 technology, to include major equipment, structural components, passive safety, proven fuel, and I&C systems.

Moreover, like the AP1000, the AP300 is designed to operate for an 80+ year life cycle.

Westinghouse expects the new design will get federal approval in 2027 and the first unit may start delivering power to the grid in about 2033.

Read the full Westinghouse Press Release.

The AP300 SMR is expected to offer reliable, safe and clean electricity, as well as additional applications for district heating and water desalination. Its fast load-follow capabilities make it ideally suited for integration with renewable resources. It will also pave the way toward the hydrogen economy by enabling cost-effective, clean production of hydrogen integrated with the plant.

Alongside this SMR, Westinghouse is also developing the eVinci™ microreactor (MMR), which last October began the Pre-Licensing Process.

This microreactor will be capable of producing 5 MW of electricity, over 13 MW of high temperature heat, or operating in combined heat and power mode. It can also support a wide variety of applications, like electricity and heating for remote communities and islands, industrial sites, data centers, universities, marine propulsionhydrogen generation and water purification.